Elevator Door

Elevator Door Motor is a very important part for elevator door,which requires low noise and longlife time,less maintains.Our 57mm series motor with planetary gear box and optical encoder are used in this application.Our motor advantage is :compact,low noise,long lifetime and high efficiency. ZGC MODEL: 56JXE300K23/47DMWH60 Driver:220QDZ10 with  RS485

Vending Machine

Vending Machine With the development of brushless DC motors, more and more brushless dc motor are used on vending machine. The advantages are: high efficiency, long life, and low noise. ZGC supplies planetary gear brushless dc motors with optical encoder to our customer for this application. ZGC MODEL: 42JXF100K13/42DMW51-2443-EN

Sorter System

Sorter System With development of E-commerce and logistics, these year sorter system are widely used in China and abrord,which can improve transmission efficiency a lot and use less labor.We supplied our BLDC motor to Europen customer since from year 2010,type 86ZWX02A-U.UL No. E349994 ZGC MODEL: 86ZWX02A-U


AGV AGV, Automated Guided Vehicle,which is equipped with electromagnetic or optical automatic guidance devices.It can travel along the prescribed guidance path, with safety protection and various transfer functions. The motor is the core component of the AGV. The quality of the motor determines the performance of the AGV. When selecting a motor, you can select a DC brushed motor or a DC