BRUSHLESS DC MOTOR -Compact and high power
-High efficiency
-Cost effective
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Project Description

BLDC Motor with optical encoder

General Specification

Product Structure: hollow shaft
Outside diameter (mm): 30
Aperture / ShaftDiameter(mm):3,4,5,6,8,10
Resolution (CPR): 100,200,256,360,400,500,512,1000,1024
Operating voltage: 5V
Output circuit: voltage output, open collector, line driver
Small size,TTLcompatible


Output signals AB / ABZ
Power supply Voltage: DC+5V
Output Form Line driver/ Voltage output
Max. Current Consumption: 80mA(line driver)

120Ma(Voltage output)

Max. Response Frequescy 100KHz
Raise/Fall Time: 200nS(line driver)1uS(Voltage output)


Starting Torque <0.05N.m
Inertia 4×10^-8kg.m²
Max. Axial force 20N.m
Max. Radial Force 50N.m
Max. Rotation speed 6000RPM
Weight 100g


Working Temp. -20~85℃
Storage Temp. -35~95℃
Humidity 30~85%(no condensation)
Vibration 50m/s²,10~200Hz,2 hours each on XYZ
Shock 980m/s²,6ms,2 times each on XYZ
Protection Class IP51


Output Signal Line driver Output Signal Voltage output
0V Black 0V Black
Vcc Red Vcc Red
ChA Green ChA Green
ChA- Brown ChB White
ChB White ChZ Yellow
ChB- Grey
ChZ Yellow
ChZ- Orange