Our motor design and material choose

1 electromagnetic simulation
Use ansoftmaxwell to conduct two-dimensional and three-dimensional electromagnetic field simulations, calculate according to the required performance, determine the size of the motor, select a reasonable stator and rotor coordination, and a reasonable air gap, and select the appropriate magnetic steel through the two-dimensional electromagnetic field calculation to meet the magnetic load Claim. To determine the pole arc coefficient, use different grades and specifications of magnetic steel.

According to the results of maxwell simulation, the performance parameters and cogging size of the motor are determined. Considering the noise, vibration and torque ripple of the motor, the structure of the motor is optimized to reduce the cogging torque. According to the temperature rise and electrical load, confirm the cooling method adopted by the motor. In conjunction with ansoftworkbench, conduct thermal load analysis on motor components.
Re-simulate and optimize the projects that fail to meet the requirements.

2. A secondary check according to the performance, and find out the curve of the motor

3.Design the mechanical structure according to the electromagnetic scheme, use solidworks three-dimensional drawing, design for quality, material, clearance and tolerance. Use solidworks’ own mechanical performance analysis to conduct mechanical analysis on motor materials and structures.

4. Make prototypes according to the drawings and test them. Compare the test results with the design data.

5. Perform durability, vibration, noise, and temperature rise tests after meeting the design requirements. .


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