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MA806 Stepping motor driver

This drive voltage is AC80V. Can be matched a four-wire, six-wire, eight-wire two-phase hybrid stepping motor with currents below 6.0A and an outer diameter of 57-110mm.

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    ◆Wrong phase protection, over current protection

    ◆ Multiple subdivisions to choose from

    ◆ Low speed anti-shake, low noise; high speed and high torque

    ◆ Optically isolated signal input

    ◆ Single/double pulse setting

    ◆ Input pulse frequency 0~200KHZ

    ◆ Automatic low-power operation at rest

    ◆ 40V-80VAC  Single power input ,voltage: :40V-80VAC

    Parameter setting:

    The MA806 series driver uses eight-position dial switches to set subdivision accuracy, dynamic current and single/double pulse, details:

    SW1 SW2 SW3 current choice
    SW4 Semi/ full flow
    SW5 single/double pulse setting
    SW6 SW7 SW8 Subdivision choice

    1.output current choice

    The maximum output current of the MA806 series driver is 6A/phase (peak). A total of 8 current levels can be set with the three-digit dial switch, from 2.5A to 6A (see the current selection table for details) to match different motors.

    Note: The white square on the silk screen corresponds to the actual position of the switch.

    SW1 SW2 SW3 MA806
    OFF OFF OFF 2.5A
    ON OFF OFF 3.0A
    OFF ON OFF 3.5A
    ON ON OFF 4.0A
    OFF OFF ON 4.5A
    ON OFF ON 5.0A
    OFF ON ON 5.5A
    ON ON ON 6.0A

    2.subdivision choice

    The subdivision accuracy is set by the SW6, SW7, and SW8 three-position dial switches.

    SW6 SW7 SW8 MA806A MA806C MA806D
    ON ON ON 2 5 /
    ON ON OFF 4 10 /
    ON OFF ON 8 20 /
    ON OFF OFF 16 25 /
    OFF ON ON 32 40 /
    OFF ON OFF 64 50 50
    OFF OFF ON / / 100
    OFF OFF OFF / / /

    3.Semi/full flow


    ON semi flow

    OFF full flow

    4.single/double pulse setting


    ON   double pulse

    OFF  single pulse