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HVLS fans

SDB series industrial fanHVLS fan is a new energy-saving industrial fan newly developed by ZGC.It adopts BLDC motor technology. The maximum diameter can reach 7.3 meters. With compact size, better performance, lower energy consumption and longer life, it perfectly solves the problem of ventilation and cooling in large spaces and improves the comfort of the environment,Can be widely used in factories, warehouses, commercial centers, train stations, airports, exhibition halls, animal farms.

  • Technical Specification

    Fan parameters

    model SD-B7300 SD-B6700 SD-B6200 SD-B5200 SD-B4200 SD-B3600 SD-B3000 SD-B2500
    diameter 7.3m(24ft) 6.7m (22ft) 6.2m (20ft) 5.2m (17ft) 4.2m (14ft) 3.6m (12ft) 3m (10ft) 2.5m (8ft)
    weight 87kg 83kg 80kg 74kg 68kg 65kg 61kg 58kg
    Speed range 20-55rpm 20-65rpm 20-65rpm 20-65rpm 10-80rpm 10-90rpm 10-100 rpm 10-120 rpm
    Area covered Φ38-43m Φ35-40m Φ32-47m Φ25-30m Φ22-26m Φ20-24m Φ18-20m Φ15-18m
    Input voltage 90-265VAC


    Diameter 5200mm (17ft)
    Fan blade No. 5
    Fan blade length 2470mm
    weight 74kg
    Input voltage 90V 120V 230V 264V
    PF value 0.995 0.999 0.997 0.996
    Speed range 20-65RPM
    Max current 5.8A 4.2A 2.1A 1.87A
    Input power 0.52KW 0.49W 0.47W 0.48KW
    Area covered φ25-30m(500-700㎡)
    Noise Level 39dB


    Diameter 6700mm (22ft)
    Fan blade No. 5
    Fan blade length 3220mm
    weight 83kg
    Input voltage 90V 120V 230V 264V
    PFvalue 0.981 0.998 0.995 0.996
    Speed range 20-55rpm 20-55rpm 20-65rpm 20-55rpm
    Max current 7.2A 5.5A 5.5A 2.4A
    Input power 0.68KW 0.65KW 1.2KW 0.64KW
    Area covered Φ35-40m(950-1250㎡)
        Noise Level 39dB

    Power System

    Using BLDC brushless motor technology, fully closed design of outer rotor with high torque. compared with traditional asynchronous motor, it eliminates the reduction gearbox, improves the transmission efficiency, and is maintenance-free for life.

    ■Low noise: Motor noise≤40dB

    ■High efficiency: Motor efficiency up to 84%

    ■Low heat:Maximum heat of the motor is less than 55℃

    ■Small size:Motor diameter 300mm, body height 80mm

    Control system

    Multi-touch capacitive color screen design, high PF value, any-speed setting, equipped with wireless remote control

    Dimension 400X280X100mm
    Power parameters AC90– 380V
    Current range ≤10A
    Content Input power, input voltage, real-time speed, accumulated working time, room temperature
    Remote control range 200-500m
    Protection function Over current, over voltage, under voltage, stall protection and others

    Structure connection

     ■High-pressure die casting chassis

    ■High-quality aluminum-magnesium alloy 5052 precision-machined fan blades, light weight and high strength. The cross-section is optimized by hydrodynamics software ■design, with large air volume and low resistance, and wrapped by PU cushion

    ■The chassis is designed with 5 positioning grooves with the same cross-section as the fan blade. The fan blade is fixed with high-strength bolts and locknuts. It is easy to install, safe and reliable.

    Installation space requirements

    ■Steel structure, concrete structure, spherical grid structure or complex structure can be installed

    ■Space height above 3.5 meters

    ■The safety distance between the fan blade and the obstacle should be not less than 0.2m