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IEC Flange magnetic encoder

◆Diameter 90,105,120mm for all IEC -flange motor available,other diameters available on request

◆Space saving assembled between motor and machine or gear flange

◆ Flange thickness 7-12mm

◆HTL (10-24VDC) version,TTL(5VDC) optional

◆1~5120 pulses per rotation,channel A and B

◆No electrical components exposed,grade IP67

◆Aluminum /stainless steel flange

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    Electrical parameter

    Input voltage 10-30VDC
    Output signal HTL 10-30V
    Pulse per rotation 1~5120 available
    Output frequency ≤100kHz
    Signal level Vhigh≥0.7V,ILast≤10mA 


    Reverse polarity protection YES
    Output short circuit protection YES
    Motor shaft tolerance Axial 0.2mm,radial 0.05mm