AGV automatic handling robot is also known as unmanned vehicle, automatic navigation vehicle and laser navigation vehicle. AGV is equipped with an automatic guidance system, which can ensure that the system can automatically travel along the predetermined route without manual pilotage, and automatically transport goods or materials from the starting point to the destination.


The motor is the core component of AGV ,which determines the performance of AGV automatic handling robot. Considering the limited space,we have developed specific motor for small space and large power use. The size of the brushless motor is smaller, 30% smaller than that of the normal brush motor, the electric energy conversion rate is more than 80%, and the energy saving rate is 50% higher than that of the traditional motor. The brushless motor can run continuously for 20000 hours without failure and maintenance. We can supply multiple power choose,60mm,80mm,86mm BLDC motor equipped with L type gear box ,encoder and brake

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